Workplace Wellness Coaching

Providing Psychosocial Support for Leaders and Employees

Leadership Coaching


Get support for leaders to address to

  • Boost collaboration
  • Reduce conflicts
  • Promote psychological safety

Request more information about the Relational Leadership Ten step Coaching Program

  • Mentor and coach emerging leaders of diverse backgrounds
  • Promote equity and consistency in leader behaviours
  • Help leaders transform limiting habits to build social influence
  • Give leaders the tools to sharpen their thinking

Employee Interpersonal Skills Coaching Support


Help employees develop the interpersonal skills to navigate the workforce with:

  • Anger management coaching
  • Interpersonal skills coaching
  • Responsible communication coaching
  • Co-worker relations coaching
  • Respectful workplace coaching
  • Diversity and inclusion coaching

There’s never been a time when interpersonal skills are more essential in the workplace. Employees are less tolerant, more emotionally sensitive, and angry. Provide the interpersonal skills coaching boost to enhance their skills and work performance.

  • Become more self-aware of how your behaviour is perceived
  • Build up responsible communication skills
  • Develop empathetic listening skills
  • Gain the tools and knowledge work well in-person and remotely

The Global Pandemic Has Forever Changed The Face of Workplaces


We provide ongoing support and psychological safety for organizations to support and bolster the psychosocial realities of leaders, teams, and employees with effective whole-person coaching. Learning to set and maintain social boundaries is becoming an issue for many workplaces.

Will we go back to our pre-covid19 boundaries in the workplace? Give employees and teams the support to build new healthy boundaries.

  • Create transparency and dialogue about boundaries at work
  • Help employees get comfortable with setting healthy boundaries
  • Let teams co-create their boundaries
  • Reduce anxiety, conflicts, emotional, and psychological issues about boundaries

Coaching for Management


Provide your supervisors and managers with the emotional support to:

  • Deal with employee issues
  • Address tough situations with leadership
  • Develop emotional resilience
  • Develop collaborative skills

Collaboration at work will look different post covid-19 with a blend of remote and in-office employees. Provide your managers with the tools to foster good collaboration at work.

  • Understand and apply the five principles of collaboration
  • Promote the right atmosphere for collaboration to thrive
  • Gain the tools and knowledge to foster collaboration in teams
  • Learn to develop creative ways to promote collaboration at work

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