Wellness Coaching

The Value of Wellness Coaching

As humanity evolves, we have become more overwhelmed, anxious, nervous, emotionally sensitive, thus we are suffering from hurried sickness and mental illnesses have become more prevalent in our society. This requires a new approach to human interactions and healing solutions.


Wellness coaching is one of those innovative ways to focus on holistic well-being to build emotional resilience and wellness in all areas of life.


The WIS ® Method reminds us that mental health is not just cognitive therapy. Mental health and wellness cannot be attained if we are not living well in the nine life dimensions, including the interpersonal realm, which is the core of the concept.


Over the past decade of teaching, practicing, and sharing the WIS® Method, it has taken on a much deeper meaning and continues to teach us and our students that wellness is dynamic, interconnected, and interrelated.

The Benefits of Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching invites us to look at our lives as interrelated parts interconnected with each other and the environment.


The WIS Method invites you to expand your concept of wellness, by providing an expansive view of wellness with related and interconnected parts. Allowing us to examine and improve all areas of life wellness; looking first at personal wellness and then at interpersonal wellness.


It provides a roadmap to explore, discover, acknowledge and take the desired actions to improve wellness holistically.

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