Welcome to Coach Velocity School of Coaching where we use a holistic multi-dimensional approach to Working and Living Well.

Come and Learn the WIS® Method.

Offering The WIS®Method - A Truly Holistic Life and Work Wellness Coaching Approach

Certifying Coaches globally for 14 years

Promoting Nine-dimensional wellness as the foundation of the WIS® Coaching Method.

Welcome to The WIS® Method Whole Person Coaching Approach

Equipping Professionals and The Community to Incorporate Coaching Strategies in Their Communication and Messaging

The Wellness Improvement (WIS® Method) works because it embraces and inspires well-being in all areas of work and life. WIS® provides a truly holistic and multi-dimensional approach to promoting human potential with an emphasis on resilience and excellence.


  • You cannot be a great leader, executive, professional, entrepreneur, or spouse when you are operating from a place of unwellness.
  • The WIS® Method provides a coaching roadmap to improve how well you are in all areas of your life or career to maximize success.
  • Equip Yourself with the Wellness Coaching and Mindset Shifting Expertise to Standout. Become an influencer who changes lives with your knowledge and expertise

What You Will Find Here

  • A coaching program that prepares you to have a successful coaching business along with a credible certification.
  • A corporate coaching membership that provides affordable coaching for organizations on a budget.
  • A community coaching program to help develop those who need that little bit of extra help to bridge to their next level of success.
  • A coaching information session each month that teaches you how to apply coaching to different social, political, and life issues.
  • A whole system approach to work and life wellness called the WIS® Method.
  • A comprehensive relational leadership coaching program that equips leaders to enhance relations with and among their teams.
  • A curious, learning, and development community grounded in empathy and compassion.
  • An advanced level of spirituality that encourages change, growth, and transformation.

The Most Comprehensive Wellness Mindset Model on the Market. Promoting Coaching for Diversity Inclusion in Organizations


The WIS® Method coaching is based on a comprehensive nine-dimensional wellness mindset framework, used by our coaches and clients to get fast and comprehensive wellness coaching results.


Health and wellness coaches around the globe use the WIS® Method to help clients understand and commit to their own wellness success. Our goal is to help develop deep awareness that shifts the mindset and develop committed health and wellness practice for clients globally.


Whether you are looking to become a coach or receive masterful coaching, join us as a learner, master coach, alumni, or individual seeking coaching skills and knowledge.


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