Take A Coaching Course

Take a coaching course to enhance your communication skills.


You can take one course or a series of courses to help you on your journey. Some of our learners take a course to get ready for an interview, to improve their communication, to build skills, or to earn recertification credits.


List of Available Courses

WISC20 – Leadership Coaching Skills and Competencies

WISC33 – Coaching as a Leadership Strategy

WISC35 – Leadership versus Management in Coaching

WISC37 – Coaching versus Management: Expanding versus Contracting

WISC46 – Leadership Principles in Coaching

WISC49 – Executive and Leadership Coaching Tools

WISC54 – Coaching Leadership and Self-Mastery

WISC55 – Reframing the Leadership Mindset through Coaching

WISC56 – Leadership and Change

WISC62 – Expanding Leadership Opportunities with Coaching

  • WISC03 – Developing Others Through Coaching
  • WISC28 – Changing Perspectives and Mindset in Coaching
  • WISC29 – Designing Action in Coaching
  • WISC38 – Acknowledging Assumptions, Fears, and Doubts in Coaching
  • WISC50 – Performance Improvement Coaching
  • WISC51 – Coaching as Transformation Learning
  • WISC61 – Coaching for Transition
  • WISCA05 – Coaching Goal Setting
  • WISCA15 – Effective Coaching Feedback
  • WISCA16 – Coaching Accountability and Responsibility
  • WISC23 – Coaching Motivation and Commitment
  • WISC25 – Creating Questions and Inquiring in Coaching
  • WISC26 – Coaching Decision-Making Skills
  • WISC41 – Coaching through Limiting Habits and Patterns


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