Supporting Your Emotional Wellness Through Coaching

Supporting Your Emotional Wellness Through Coaching

Supporting Your Emotional Wellness Through Coaching

Do you need help dealing with the stresses of Covid-19?

When you are facing difficult times, do you think is it going to get worse before it gets better?

As the saying goes, when it rains it pours.  Let’s use the RAINS (recognize, acknowledge and accept, invite, non-attachment, self-care) mindfulness model to bring clarity, increase our resilience and build an action plan to move on.

Here are some key ways a Coach can support you through this time!


Recognize your thoughts and emotions associated with the stress. Notice them without judgment and name them i.e. “I am stressed” or “I am feeling isolated”.

Acknowledge and Accept

Acknowledge what you are experiencing, feeling, and thinking. Accept it as the present reality and allow yourself to be with it in a compassionate way.  This may start to ease your emotions almost immediately.


Invite coaching curiosity into the process to ask questions and help you makeshifts.  You may not know the questions to mentally enquire yourself.  With this process of investigation, you are moving towards a more meaningful life. The investigation may dissolve the emotion even further at this step.

Non-attachment and Awareness

Our thoughts and emotions are not who we are; they are part of an experience we are having. This brings freedom, ease, and a sense of peace in the middle of this all.  We can reconnect with our values and redirect our focus and energy to an action plan.


Self-care means making a conscious choice to take intentional actions that increase mental, emotional, and physical health.  A self-care plan can help you manage your stress and maintain your professionalism.  Getting regular sleep, eating a healthy diet, and getting some exercise are practices for a healthy mind, body, and soul.

This crisis will end at some point. Let’s use it to bring out your best.  Let’s make this world a better place.  This method is a powerful way to help you during this challenging time.

If you think you would benefit from a free Emotional Wellness Coaching Session, Book Your Free Session Now!!

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Joyce Odidison
Joyce Odidison is a Conflict Analyst, Speaker, Author, and the world’s leading expert on Interpersonal Wellness Competency Mindset teaching. Joyce is President & CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. as well as founder and host of the Annual Global Workplace Wellness Summit. Joyce has authored five books and is also a Certified Coach Training Director and Founder of Coach Velocity School of Coaching. Joyce is a C-Suite level workplace wellness expert and trainer, working for over 24 years with governments, the private sector, non-profits, and post-secondary institutions struggling with difficult work relationships or stressful situations. She is host of the What’s Happening at Work podcast. Joyce can be reached at e-mail: or phone 1 877 999-9591
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