Staying Focused on Your Goals

Staying Focused on Your Goals

It is not always easy to stay focused on your goals. Life brings all kinds of planned and unplanned challenges and changes our way. It is important to remember that if success was seen as possible more of us would attain our goals. It is the uninvestigated thought that keeps us a slave to our habits. According to Byron Katie, we should investigate all our thoughts gently with inquiry to find out the truth for our selves. If you believe that it is hard to reach whatever goal it is that you have set for yourself, then that’s exactly what you will experience. When the thought comes to you that it is hard to take the necessary action towards your success, apply inquiry and ask the question: Is it true? Can you absolutely no that it is true? Then ask yourself the question: If I were to see this as not hard is there a way I could begin to enjoy this routine. You will be surprised what answers you may find.

I continue to hold this space and good intentions for you as you take small steps towards reaching your goals.

Let me know how you are doing and how inquiry is helping you to reach your goals.

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Joyce Odidison
Joyce Odidison is a Conflict Analyst, Speaker, Author, and the world’s leading expert on Interpersonal Wellness Competency Mindset teaching. Joyce is President & CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. as well as founder and host of the Annual Global Workplace Wellness Summit. Joyce has authored five books and is also a Certified Coach Training Director and Founder of Coach Velocity School of Coaching. Joyce is a C-Suite level workplace wellness expert and trainer, working for over 24 years with governments, the private sector, non-profits, and post-secondary institutions struggling with difficult work relationships or stressful situations. She is host of the What’s Happening at Work podcast. Joyce can be reached at e-mail: or phone 1 877 999-9591
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