Course Instructors Joyce Odidison MA. PCC. CTDP.

Founder of the Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. and Coach Training Institute. Joyce is the Training Director of the coach training institute, certified training and development professional with the Institute for Performance and Learning, and a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. Joyce is President of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., Founder of Coach Velocity School of Coaching, the only Black owned coaching school in Canada. Founder of the Global Workplace Wellness Summit, Canada’s premiere conference on diversity and well-being with a global reach.


Joyce is also a C-Suite level workplace wellness expert, coach, and trainer, working with government, private sector, non-profits, and post-secondary institutions struggling with difficult and stressful situations to create interpersonal wellness. Joyce has a master’s degree in Conflict Analysis & Management, is a Certified


Training and Development Practitioner, former university, and college instructor, host of the What’s Happening At Work Podcast Show. Joyce is a frequent TV guest expert on CTV, City TV, CBC, and others. She has been featured in Fast Company, Canadian Living, and other publications globally. She is also a contributing writer at Thrive Global.


Leaders, are you looking for hands-on skills to improve relationships, performance management, coaching ability, build accountability, trust, and collaboration with those you lead through difficult changes?


The Relational Leadership Coach Training Series will equip you with the mindset shift,

out-of-the-box thinking, and conversation skills to lead successfully through difficult organizational changes.

Relational Leadership Coaching Program Courses

 SN Level Course Name Description Learning Objects
 1    The Foundations of Leadership Coaching  Gain an understanding of leadership coaching and how you can apply it to improve your results as a leader.  • Gain insight into coaching.
• Learn how and when coaching is applicable.
• Learn the foundations of leadership coaching.
   Self-Mastery for the Leader who Coaches  Self-mastering is necessary to competently deal with the day- to-day challenges of leadership. Learn tools to build your self- mastery as you prepare to coach employees through difficult times.  • Become aware of your leadership style.
• Create your leadership coaching model.
• Learn to apply emotional intelligence and self-mastery in coaching.
   The Trust Factor – Elevate Your Relationship Through Coaching  Learn the art of building trusting relationships with those you lead and increase your influence and impact as a successful leader.  • How to build trusting relationships through coaching.
• Increase your influence with those your lead.
• Learn coaching relations to have a greater impact that promotes change.
  Build A Culture of Accountability and Results Through Coaching  As a leader, it is your responsibility to demonstrate accountability and to lead others to execute, so they attain results in their work.  • A look at personal and leadership accountability.
• Apply coaching strategies to increase accountability and results with your team.
  Creating High Levels of Team Collaboration Through Coaching  Coaching teams are a significant part of your job as a leader. Teams excel with good leadership and coaching.  • Coach your teams to the effectiveness.
• Pose powerful questions to your team.
  Coaching Strategies to Creating a Culture of High Performance and Results  Values are a key component of coaching success. As a leader, you will need to know your values, understand your value bias and how it influences your leadership.  • Understand your values.
• Relate your values to corporate values.
• Discuss corporate values relating to performance.
  The Art of Change Management Coaching  Change is a constant part of life, yet it can be a source of challenge that can present as resistance, unhappiness, and fear in many.  • Communicate your ideas and opinions.
• Understand the biology of change and how to adapt.
• Opportunities for growth and change.
  Resilience and Emotional Intelligence  Maneuver the emotional challenges that come with your role and develop the resilience to deal with difficulties on various levels.  • Utilize a whole system approach to well-being at work
• Co-create a different experience at work.
  How to Hold Wellness Coaching Conversations to Reduce Work Stress  Create and practice coaching conversations that promote positive energy and well-being to reduce stress at work.  • Create and practice coaching conversations
• Learn the three stages of a coaching conversation
• Learn the wellness conversation model.
10    Coaching Strategies to Build Smart Goals and the Structures for Success  Setting goals are a key factor in leadership to be successful. Learn to set smart goals with coaching strategies and structures to accelerate success.  • Learn to create structures
• Learn to modify structures
• Learn to assess the validity of structures
• Learn to improve execution success.
11    Developing Employees Through Coaching  Performance is everything. Coaching. Learn the art of developing others to high performance.  • Learn the art of developing employees
• Learn the high-performance mindset
• Improve your mindset about employee development
12    How to Give Effective Feedback for Follow Through  Learn how to as the right questions and feedback in coaching to promote follow-through  • Create and practice coaching questions
• Practice effective feedback
• Manage follow-through


  • The coaching courses will follow a blended learning format of e-learning and classroom application sessions.


Live half-day classroom sessions will be focused on practicing the concepts learned in the e-courses. You will have the opportunity to discuss, stretch and apply the coaching concepts from the e-learning readings, engage in the practice of coaching discussions, and get mentoring and feedback to hone your coaching skills.

e-course component

All e-courses are to be done prior to classroom sessions. The E-learning component takes approximately 90 minutes

get course credits

All the leadership coach training courses are eligible for International Coaching Federation (ICF) credits via Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., the only ICF-approved coach training school in Manitoba. ICF is the largest governing body for coaches globally.

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