Professional Success

Professional Success

Professional Success is Never A Straight Path

Do you remember being in high school and dreaming of your career, profession, and your future success?

I have found the path of professional success to be a winding road. It has been a path of ups and downs? What about you? Did you hit the jackpot with your career and landed that dream job and the ideal work environment, partner, or professional colleagues?

For me and most of my clients that has not been the case. We met obstacles on the way but we kept going on and we sometimes stumbled but kept our eyes on the prize, with the knowledge that you had to work to make your career success a reality.

After 24 years of supporting clients in the corporate arena, I have not met one who had an easy path or had not met with obstacles they had to overcome. As we going into 2021, I want to encourage you to think of your career, work relationships, and professional brand as something you have to keep working at.

Surprisingly, you may need the right support or help to make it there faster. At Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., we help mid-career professionals who are struggling with difficult work relationships and situations that seem to be an obstacle to their professional success.

Our clients come to us because they are smart, focused, and ready to take on the challenges ahead of them and to get the right support and expertise to make doing so easier. What challenges are you facing in 2021 in these areas? Let us know how we can help you move the needle more in your direction.

Start your year off right. Give yourself a boost in the professional arm with over 24 years of experience and development to help you navigate the professional terrain and let this be a straighter line up the path to professional success.

Here are some action items to get you started Listen to my podcast and complete the to-do list below.


  1. Identify two obstacles to your professional success
  2. List two steps you can take to address those obstacles
  3. Identify two people who could offer advice, help, coaching, or support to you
  4. Pick-up the phone and ask them for help now!

Leave a message below to let me know how you did.

To Your Wellness


Author Profile

Joyce Odidison
Joyce Odidison is a Conflict Analyst, Speaker, Author, and the world’s leading expert on Interpersonal Wellness Competency Mindset teaching. Joyce is President & CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. as well as founder and host of the Annual Global Workplace Wellness Summit. Joyce has authored five books and is also a Certified Coach Training Director and Founder of Coach Velocity School of Coaching. Joyce is a C-Suite level workplace wellness expert and trainer, working for over 24 years with governments, the private sector, non-profits, and post-secondary institutions struggling with difficult work relationships or stressful situations. She is host of the What’s Happening at Work podcast. Joyce can be reached at e-mail: or phone 1 877 999-9591
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