“This Training Changed my Life. This coach training helped me grow as a person and provided a framework to become an exceptional coach. I learned a lot and would recommend this program”.

“I was so impressed after the introductory course that I enrolled in the life coaching program. It has been one of the best decisions of my life.”

[The program] has taught me the value of becoming an active listener, the incredible power of self-reflection, and has caused me to realign the way I communicate with myself and others. The course accountability to self and others also assisted me in completing my recently published, “Don’t Blame the Children” parenting book. It has empowered me to realize my personal and professional goals in a faster, more productive way. From my perspective, Joyce is one of the most talented Coaches in the coaching businesses today. Her immense knowledge and attention to detail combined with her contagious passion for people make WIS the best coaching program in the province. This course should be taken by all people as it does and will change your life if you stay open to the process.

Derek Bradley,, Student

“I learned a lot.”

Life coach training has given me the strength to take the steps I needed in my life to reach my goals”.

“Day One changed my life and I haven’t looked back since!”

Even upon registering, I felt ensured that I was in the right place. I felt that I would be taking a program that would properly equip me to be successful in the Coaching field along with continuous support and opportunity for professional development. I was given the opportunity to explore myself, my pain, my failures, and my past. But the even more beautiful part was being supported to look forward to my accomplishments, success, and my future. I recommend this program to everyone who is prepared to put in the work to not only see the development of others but excited to see it manifest in themselves.

–Shana Robinson,, Coach

” I have learned so much about coaching…”I am very excited about the future possibilities.

“My search for training began in isolation but through IWSCI, I found a program that not only offered quality training but it allows me to be part of a supportive coaching network.”

I had spent a number of months looking into the many options for life coach training and it appeared that I would either have to do my training miles away from home or in isolation at my computer. Neither one of those options was appealing. I really wanted to receive training close to home and in a group setting where I could learn through interaction with others and that is exactly what I experienced at the Interpersonal Wellness System Coaching Institute (IWSCI). The training period enabled me to gain greater confidence in myself as a person and newfound confidence in my coaching abilities. The training and the IWQ model provide me with the structure and the tools that I need to be a successful professional life coach.

–Doris Neufeld,, Coach

“I Can’t believe this incredible program is available locally. I traveled out of town to training that did not meet my needs as an advanced learner. This program provided the one-on-one time, support, and a very robust curriculum that was what I needed as an advanced learner. I liked that it is also very simple and accommodating to different levels of learners. Thanks for making this training accessible and affordable”.

“Their values are very similar to my values and provide me with a structure to better serve my clients.”

As a focusing practitioner, I wanted a tool to work with clients who were not ready to sense into their bodies. I decided to pursue Interpersonal Wellness Coaching training as another tool to serve clients. The staff is very supportive to keep me on track with my goals and understanding when life and my travel prevent me from moving forward to my goals. With this supportive attitude, I was able to complete the training in my own time. I would definitely recommend the IWS coaching training program to anyone who wants to become a life coach or just wants to move toward living, working, and playing well. The program is complete, comprehensive, and can be customized to individual needs.

–Tara Maniar,, Coach

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