Interpersonal Skills for Leaders

Interpersonal Skills for Leaders

Since many of the difficulties at work are related to interpersonal issues, it makes sense that leaders should be well versed in this area. Unfortunately, most leaders….

Unfortunately, most leaders have spent their years of experience climbing the corporate ladder, thus they are not comfortable in the arena of interpersonal issues.

This became apparent when leaders began asking me; “how do I deal with these people issues?” I hear this a lot because I am often supporting them to deal with interpersonal issues.

Team work, collaboration, communication, respect and conflict management are heavily dependent on good interpersonal skills and often pivotal to a progressive, healthy corporate culture.

When leaders are equipped to lead and model good interpersonal skills, it makes a great difference than when they do not. Most leaders also fail to realize that the way they handle interpersonal issues will determine their overall success.

How often have you heard employees describe their leader as tough, fair, great? How many more times are the descriptions depicting leaders in a less than ideal way? If you were to explore the root cause of the less than ideal description with a few questions, it very often stems from a bad interpersonal experience.

In the month of June this year, we commence our leadership coach training series in which we place emphasis on interpersonal skills training for leaders. Go here to view our leadership coaching series and learn how you can improve your interpersonal skills as a leader.

To your wellness.


Joyce Odidison is a Conflict Analyst Coach, who is the founder of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. & Coaching Institute. She consults, teaches and coaches with mid-career professionals and organizations to improve performance, skills, competencies, and workplace wellness. She can be reached at or by phone at: 1 877 999-9591.

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Joyce Odidison
Joyce Odidison is a Conflict Analyst, Speaker, Author, and the world’s leading expert on Interpersonal Wellness Competency Mindset teaching. Joyce is President & CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. as well as founder and host of the Annual Global Workplace Wellness Summit. Joyce has authored five books and is also a Certified Coach Training Director and Founder of Coach Velocity School of Coaching. Joyce is a C-Suite level workplace wellness expert and trainer, working for over 24 years with governments, the private sector, non-profits, and post-secondary institutions struggling with difficult work relationships or stressful situations. She is host of the What’s Happening at Work podcast. Joyce can be reached at e-mail: or phone 1 877 999-9591
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