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Women Empowerment Through Coaching – Coaching Session


When we look at the history of coaching, it provides many avenues for empowerment for women of every class and career path. Covid-19 has set the clock back on women empowerment. Many women are now expected to home school and provide childcare because of health and safety concerns over the virus spread. Join this powerful coaching session and learn how coaching can be used to empower women as they go through the changes in life, career, and beyond. These sessions will demonstrate the following:

  • How to  promote women’s empowerment
  • How coaching can empower women’s choices
  • How to coach healthy boundaries, something many women struggle with

We will examine this via the lenses of the WIS® Method. Come and be part of this rich session on how coaching can empower you. Bring your challenges and meet our brilliant instructors

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Mar 19 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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