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We Are a Certified Canadian Education Institution


We offer a range of continuing education credits for a range of professional organizations and certifications. 


Below are some of the recertification partners we work with to offer recertification credits. Every year we partner with more organizations to offer more opportunities for continuing education units for their members.

Our Programs

WIS®Master Training and take advantage and earn 26 CCEU’s

The Training Opens the Door To Start Your Own Six Figure Training Business, with the following components: 

  • How to deliver the Nine-Dimensional Wellness Training
  • Why the time is right to have a wellness training and coaching business
  • How and why the WIS®LifeScan works
  • How to continually feed new clients into your practice
  • How to use WIS®Life Scans to engage clients and get more referrals

Wellness Competency Mindset Coach Training Certification

Develop coaching skills for your professional success or build your career or business as a certified coach.

This program offers 75 CPHR credits and includes:

The full 75 ICF ACSTH hours to prepare you for the ACC designation and up to 144 credits to your PCC designation

Relational Leadership Certification

The relational leadership training program will equip you as a leader to lead a psychologically safe work environment.

Asa a leader you will learn how to improve relations with your staff and how to foster better relations among your teams.


This program offers 36 ICF ACSTH hours and 36 SHRM credits

Management Certificate in Collaborative Coaching

This high velocity certificate program provides managers with a coaching collaboration blueprint to change the dynamics in their workplaces and team. Laid out in four units for ease, access, application, and implementation.

This program offers 16 SHRM credits and is completed in four weeks.

Diversity Inclusion and Interpersonal Well-being™

Each DIIW™ certificate is made up of seven courses. The course is focused on addressing the interpersonal challenges of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Each course consists of 4 learning units to be delivered over four weeks focusing on one topic area outlined below. The course will offer one 90-minute introductory session with the instructor in an online classroom, supplemented by, e-learning video lectures, reading, multiple choice quizzes, and asynchronous learning discussion groups.


This program offers 36 ICF  36 SHRM credits

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