Summer Connections

Summer Connections

Summer Connections

Spending time with your family is good for your well-being, as long as your time together induces feelings of joy, laughter and fun. Summer connections can be exciting, fun, invigorating and sometimes even romantic. How are your summer connections coming along?

I’ve noticed that though we are supposed to be less stressed during the summer months, we also spend more time with family and friends in close quarters. Some families take long road trips cooped up in a vehicle. This can be really fun, if you like each other and have good interpersonal skills. However, if you don’t get along or have kids who get sulky and unhappy, it can make for a challenging time.

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So what to do? If you have summer vacation plans that include spending long hours on the road, in hotels or even in each other’s company, it will serve everyone well to come up with an agreement to make your summer connections pleasant and memorable.

Most times we’re unhappy together, it’s because we have defaulted to an old way of being. This occurs– because we failed to plan a different way to be with each other. We often hold to the belief that if we don’t get along now, then we won’t at other times. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you have to spend time with someone who gets on your nerves, then set an intention to be more tolerant, and look for the best in that person. Then have a conversation with the other person, letting them know you want to take your relationship from the old default, and discuss how you might work together to turn it into one that fits both your intentions.

If this sounds really difficult, and you’re thinking it won’t work for you, then drop me an e-mail letting me know your specific situation. We can come up with a micro-strategy to help you create the relationship you want this summer, so you can take your summer connections from that default challenge to intentional enjoyment!

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