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Take our goal setting challenge and make the last part of 2015 your most successful! As we approach the last 100 days of the year, it's a time for many of us to look back and see whether we have reached and surpassed our goals...

Do you have what you need to Make 2015 Your Best Year? Millions of people everywhere have started the year with a resolution, including you and me. Statistically by the end of January, most of us will have separated emotionally from those resolutions and by year...

Have you done your goal setting for 2015? If you haven't, here are some tips. January is a time to set goals, it is a time to think about what you want in the year to come and plan to attain it. I believe this should...

Here is how to sign-up for the 90 day goal setting challenge: Tell us your name (use pseudo name if you want) Tell us your goal Tell us when you want to achieve your goal by (date) Tell us why you want to achieve this goal Tell us how we...

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