Is Life happening to You or For You? Are you feeling like a victim in your life? Does it feel
Are You Experiencing A Conflict In Your Personal Life or Workplace?Value conflicts occur when what's happening is in violation of
The Interpersonal Wellness System Framework for Health Relationships at Work. Imagine being in a relationship in which you feel fulfilled,
There are some things we have no control over, such as dying, contracting the flu, losing a loved one or
Ever Wondered if There Was More to Spiritual Wellness? One of the things I teach in the Wellness Competency Mindset
International Coaching Week is from May 4–10, 2020 and International Coaching Day is May 6, 2020.  This is a time
We Have to Preserve Our Mental Health or Risk Losing It In This Post COVID-19 Era of Stress and Anxiety.
Supporting Your Emotional Wellness Through Coaching Do you need help dealing with the stresses of Covid-19? When you are facing
Ten Interpersonal Wellness Tips to Reduce Workplace Stress and Conflicts as We Follow the Covid-19 Social Distance Requirements at Work.
Here are some key ways to show employee appreciation at work to help employees feel valued and engaged to help

“Creating a workplace wellness education program is the best way to change your employee mindset and improve transformation and growth for your team”.

Joyce Odidison

Workplace Wellness Expert and Educator

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