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Coach Velocity Membership

Coaching has become an essential cornerstone of many people’s life. Getting researched-based coach training at an affordable rate is something our members value.


  • Have you ever had a problem that you felt was too much for you to handle on your own?


  • Have you ever felt the need for another impartial person whom you could trust to help you brainstorm new ideas and look at your situation from another perspective?


  • Have you ever wanted to make some life improvements but didn’t feel you could do it on your own, or your needed some support to get it just right?


  • Have you ever wish to access high-level coaching but knew you couldn’t afford it?


  • Have you ever felt alone, afraid, overwhelmed, or unsure of what you should do and just wished you had access to someone you could be vulnerable with?


  • Have you ever wished for someone who could see your hidden potential and help enthuse you to attain it?


How Did You Answer?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you will benefit from the coach velocity school of coaching community membership program.

Members also get access to group coaching sessions and masterclasses as part of their membership package.


Members will get individual coaching sessions with our mature coaching students, guided by our team of world-class instructors.

Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria

Membership is open to everyone who wants to be part of the coach velocity school of the coaching community.


  • Those who feel the need for a higher level of support
  • Those who are looking to develop their life wellness
  • Those who need help setting their goals
  • Those who need help with developing a wellness mindest
  • Those from visible minority groups
  • Alumni students

Membership Fee


Pay one low monthly fee and get access to monthly group coaching and masterclasses. Members also receive a 10% discount on all their courses and training.

Ge access to masterclasses, e-courses, monthly webinars, and individual coaching sessions from our advanced students for a low membership fee of only $49.99 per month

Register now and get your membership.

Benefits of Membership

Get access to all continuing education, support, and monthly coaching and masterclasses from guest speakers around the world.

Gain access to world-class content, tips, strategies, and information on the latest health and wellness modalities to help you in your life wellness journey and your business.

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